Our Story

In the heart of East Cleveland, Ohio, two dynamic women, Aubrey and Maggie, embarked on a mission fueled by their profound passion for celebrating Pan African history and culture. Growing up in a community rich with heritage and resilience, they were inspired to create an empowering platform that would amplify the narratives often overlooked in mainstream discourse.

Aubrey, with her keen eye for design and creativity, found her calling in fashion, while Maggie's dedication to preserving and sharing stories of Black excellence became their driving force. Their shared love for their roots and a desire to redefine representation led them to conceptualize and launch "Black It Up" on March 23, 2020.

Their apparel line is more than just clothing; it's a vibrant tapestry of artistry, symbolism, and empowerment. Each piece intricately weaves together historical references, cultural motifs, and contemporary style, serving as a canvas to celebrate the beauty and resilience of the Black experience.

With designs that honor icons of the past, pay homage to cultural movements, and celebrate the diversity within the community, Aubrey and Maggie's creations resonate deeply with individuals seeking to express pride in their heritage.

Beyond fashion, Aubrey and Maggie actively engage with their community, organizing workshops, discussions, and events that spotlight Black history's richness and complexity. Through their dedication and unwavering commitment, they've cultivated not just a clothing line but a movement—a space where individuals proudly "Black It Up," embracing their identity and heritage with every stitch and thread.

Their journey embodies the spirit of East Cleveland—resilient, visionary, and determined to redefine narratives. Aubrey and Maggie stand as catalysts for change, inspiring others to embrace and celebrate their cultural identity unapologetically.